The Goddard FamilyThank you for visiting my website.  I am running for Arizona Secretary of State because the Arizona we want is not the Arizona we’re getting. An increase in big money in politics is silencing citizens’ voices. Bills like HB 2305 threaten important voter rights. Others like SB 1062 hold us up to National ridicule.

I am running to help restore Arizona to be the nationally respected, innovative and inclusive place it has been for most of its 102 years. I believe my experience as a Navy veteran, in law enforcement and making government really work at the local, state and federal level prepare me for this challenge.

Terry Goddard

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AZ Central | Ariz. secretary of state candidates discuss dark money

by Mary Jo Pitzl, The Republic | 11:16 a.m. MST July 21, 2014

Compton letter

(Photo: Andrew Harrer, Bloomberg)

So-called dark money — contributions from groups that are not obliged by law to disclose their donors — is showing up in political campaigns and fueling the debate about transparency in politics.

The Republic asked the candidates: As secretary of state, what, if anything, would you do to address dark money?

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Is your vote for sale?

One of the biggest threats facing voters in this election is the influence of 'dark money'. These donations where the actual donor remains hidden are already coming into the Republican Secretary of State race. I was recently asked by the Arizona Republic about what the Secretary of State can do to control 'dark money'. Bottom line: we must stop this deplorable practice. Arizona voters have the right to know who is trying to buy our votes. Below is my Republic answer.

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Reactions to the Implementation of a Two-Track Voting System in This Years Elections

The two-track voting system is an expensive and probably illegally implemented system concocted by Tom Horne and Ken Bennett trying to save their political careers. It will create significant disruption in this years' elections with two classes of voters and two lines for each party. Only the Legislature can amend the election laws. But, rather than propose legislation, Horne/Bennett have usurped the Legislative authority and imposed an entirely new voting process.

When the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision upended Arizona's campaign finance laws, the Legislature amended those laws; not Horne/Bennett. To try to impose the two-track procedure through the new election manual just invites a legal challenge. Why do this the wrong way when they have had plenty of time to do it right?

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