The Goddard FamilyThank you for visiting my website.  I am running for Arizona Secretary of State because the Arizona we want is not the Arizona we’re getting. An increase in big money in politics is silencing citizens’ voices. Bills like HB 2305 threaten important voter rights. Others like SB 1062 hold us up to National ridicule.

I am running to help restore Arizona to be the nationally respected, innovative and inclusive place it has been for most of its 102 years. I believe my experience as a Navy veteran, in law enforcement and making government really work at the local, state and federal level prepare me for this challenge.

Terry Goddard

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Goddard Weekly Campaign Update for Sept 19th

Only citizens are allowed to vote. Period.

"If you're a citizen you have the right to vote. If you're not a citizen you can not vote." Terry Goddard couldn't be more clear on the issue but we've already started hearing from his opponent that he can't be trusted to follow the law. In her first speech as her party's nominee, Terry's opponent quipped, "Terry Goddard in charge of elections is like the fox guarding the hen-house."

She couldn't be more wrong.

There are plenty of differences between Terry and his opponent. New ones don't need to be manufactured at the expense of the truth.

But don't take our word for it. Terry and Sen. Reagan filmed their first joint appearance together last week and Terry is looking forward to future forums...

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Reagan Doesn’t Know Independents on Early Voter List

More than 600,000 Independents on PEVL

PHOENIX, AZ – Michele Reagan wrongly claimed today that Independents are not on the Permanent Early Voter List, a stunning comment from the head of the Senate Elections Committee.

In an exchange over Reagan's attempt to suppress Independents through her support of HB2305, Reagan erroneously tweeted: “Impossible! IND’s can’t be purged from the PEVL because they aren’t even on it! #NoClue"


In fact, more than 600,000 registered Independents are on Arizona’s Permanent Early Voter List, according to data compiled by each of the County Recorder offices -- a group Reagan works with as head of the Senate Elections Committee. 

“Michele Reagan wants to administer all of our state's elections, but appears to have a fundamental misunderstanding of how our elections work,” said Terry Goddard. “Reagan sided with efforts to purge Independents and Libertarians from our elections, and voted to discriminate against the gay community. Secretaries of State are supposed to be non-partisan and fair in their decisions. Michele Reagan has shown her priorities are anything but.”


Send press inquiries to Adam Kinsey, Campaign Manager
 at or by calling 
(520) 834-6384.

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Tom Simplot, community activist and former Phoenix City Council Member

Former Republican and former Phoenix City Council Member Tom Simplot explains why he is supporting my campaign for #AZSoS. Please like and share if you agree with him. #GoGoddard

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