The Goddard FamilyThank you for visiting my website.  I am running for Arizona Secretary of State because the Arizona we want is not the Arizona we’re getting. An increase in big money in politics is silencing citizens’ voices. Bills like HB 2305 threaten important voter rights. Others like SB 1062 hold us up to National ridicule.

I am running to help restore Arizona to be the nationally respected, innovative and inclusive place it has been for most of its 102 years. I believe my experience as a Navy veteran, in law enforcement and making government really work at the local, state and federal level prepare me for this challenge.

Terry Goddard

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Where in the world is Terry Goddard?

Get Out The Vote Tour!

Terry Goddard will be touring the state talking about his plan to Stop Dark Money and treat all voters fairly as Arizona Secretary of State. Come by any of the stops along the way, meet Terry, make a few phone calls to voters, or meet up with other volunteers to canvass your neighborhood. It's go time -- let's GO GODDARD!


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Roberts: ‘Clearly, Goddard Has the Better Plan’ to Stop Dark Money

Seventeen Legislators Now Back Goddard’s Plan to Stop Dark Money

PHOENIX – Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts wrote today that Terry Goddard “has the better plan” to stop Dark Money.

Thanks to Goddard’s hard stance against Dark Money, Roberts writes, “those who stand in the shadows – whoever they are – want to make sure that Goddard isn't the guy in charge of overseeing Arizona's elections.”

Roberts’ column comes one day after state Sen. Michele Reagan announced that she is now setting a series of conditions on her willingness to denounce Dark Money. Reagan’s softening of her stance against Dark Money was proceeded by a $300,000 Dark Money ad buy on her behalf courtesy of Sean Noble, the Arizona-based henchman of the Koch Brothers.

Meanwhile, legislators are continuing to announce their support for Goddard’s plan to stop Dark Money. In addition to the thirteen legislators who announced their support for Goddard’s plan on Monday, Rep. Demion Clinco, Rep. Martin Quezada and Rep. Rebecca Rios, as well as Democratic candidate Dr. Randy Friese have now also endorsed Goddard’s plan – bringing the total to seventeen.

“Stopping Dark Money is not a partisan issue, Republicans and Democrats alike are crying for reform. But, most important, voters throughout our state are demanding to know who is behind all those despicable ads,” said Goddard. “Who is really paying for the slams and the attacks that crowd the airwaves and our mailboxes? Voters are demanding transparency about who is behind all political expenditures. They have a right to that transparency.”

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Legislators Back Goddard’s Plan to Stop Dark Money

Goddard plan will kick Dark Money out of Arizona

PHOENIX – Terry Goddard today announced the support of a coalition of Arizona legislators who will work to turn Goddard’s plan to stop Dark Money into law.

Goddard announced the support of Sen. Katie Hobbs, Sen. David Bradley, Sen. Steve Farley, Rep. Bruce Wheeler, Rep. Debbie McCune Davis, Rep. Eric Meyer, Rep. Lela Alston, Rep. Mark Cardenas, Rep. Andrew Sherwood, Rep. Stefanie Mach, Rep. Victoria Steele and Presumptive Reps. Ken Clark and Reginald Bolding today at a press conference at the Goddard campaign headquarters.

“Terry’s bill to stop Dark Money is the best strategy I’ve seen to stop the anonymous corporate cash hijacking our elections,” said Sen. Hobbs. “We need Terry as Secretary of State so we have someone committed bringing transparency to all political contributions.”

Goddard’s proposed legislation can be viewed here. It is based on his plan to stop Dark Money, which Goddard announced earlier in his campaign.

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