My statement on marriage equality in Arizona


Today's legal decision isn't just a victory for gay and lesbian Arizonans whose equality under the law is rightfully being recognized. Today is a recognition that basic fairness trumps short-term political interests and crass attempts to divide our state.

It was only nine months ago that the Arizona legislature voted to legalize discrimination by passing SB1062. Today, we're celebrating diversity and equality.

I want to congratulate every Arizonan who fought for this day. When I first started working and campaigning with LGBT groups in the early 1980s, it was hard to believe this day would come. I can't express how glad I am that it has.

I hope today's news gives politicians more courage in the future to stand with communities who aren't being treated fairly -- no matter what the political pressure.



CONTACT: Adam Kinsey,
Campaign Manager,, (520) 834-6384

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  • Donna Bublitz
    I am happy that gay couples are able to have the same benefits now as non gay couples.