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    11th November, 2016

    Terry Goddard

    Chairman of:

    Fix the Debt Board

    Dear Honorable Mr. Goddard,

    I am in understanding, like most of the nation, that our national debt if through the roof. With a huge debt of around $20,000,000,000,000, we have one of the largest debts in the world. I know that you must hear about this all the time, but I’m hoping that this time is different because it is coming from a young mind.

    The government spends too much money goes to nations that we don’t need to fund. For example, China makes most of our products. To reduce spending we could manufacture our products here in the U.S. that way we don’t have to pay other nations for work that we can do ourselves.

    Also a repercussion of doing this would be creating more jobs for the people on the U.S. because of supply and demand. If we have more manufacturing, we would have to demand more workers. Therefore growing the economic rate of employment and would grow because of the necessary hands-on work that is needed.

    I hope that this letter has inspired some sort of ambition to change the current processes of spending with other nations. Even if we don’t stop spending with China, I think that we should stop spending with some nations.


    Braden Fears

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