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  • Dear sir

    I was following a story about dark money and US elections and that is how i landed in your site. I am writing to you because I have not found any assistance here. I am a poor Kenyan man without any means of earning income. I get only limited internet mostly on a small mobile device with low memory and limited battery power, as I cannot afford something better. I have really tried to get here today. And I cannot achieve much on my own.

    Do you see any chance for me to get assistance from Americans? You can make a difference. I will appreciate any help that I can find. Thank you for your time.


    Isaac Rono

  • My wife and I did not receive our ballots in the mail. City of Buckeye is mail in vote only. We are residents of Buckeye who are registered to vote. We own a small business in Surprise and do not have the time or money to close our business and drive down to 530 E Monroe to obtain a replacement ballot. Would you be willing to come to our office and drive us individually to Monroe so we can vote? I will be sending this email to each candidate on the ballot who would like our vote. If you do this small favor I guarantee our vote.

    Sincerely yours,

    William and Marlene Graham

    City of Buckeye Registered voters.
  • Pro-choice is anti-babies. Please reconsider your stand. Approximately half of aborted babies are future women whom you claim to support.
  • Hello, we would like a yard sign, please.
  • Hello, I am a precinct committeeman in Legislative District 22 and I am wondering if I can have three road signs to put at the major roads around my precinct. Thank You.
  • I saw on TV last night that we cant stop all the pre election calls. This primary was particularly annoying. I voted early and still was inundated by one call after another. Only 25% of the voters bother to vote and I see why, as it’s a ridiculous process. If elected, will you at least look into doing something about it. My suggestion is to have an email address or phone number to call that puts people on a list that states that if a politician or anyone representing them calls my phone then I will under no terms, vote for them. You have represented the people of Arizona for a long time. Please hear us now.
  • Don Glenn= Retired,

    worked on political campaigns (in various parts of USA) Former AFL-CIO Official= hope your campaign is successful, Call me

    if I can be of service to you. 909-437-7918