Goddard: Dark Money Deceiving Seniors

60 Plus Anything But a “Non-Partisan Seniors Advocacy Group”

PHOENIX – In an op-ed for the Tucson Weekly, Terry Goodard highlights how Dark Money organizations like the 60 Plus Association are structured to deceive voters. 

60 Plus describes itself as a “non-partisan seniors advocacy group,” but as Goddard points out, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

“The 60 Plus Association, in fact, is a Koch Brothers-backed front group that floods our airwaves with political ads paid for with anonymous corporate cash designed to distort our elections and deceive voters,” Goddard writes. 

The only priority 60 Plus has when it comes to seniors, Goddard writes, is “to advocate for the privatization of Social Security.” 

Further, 60 Plus – along with scam artists who prey on seniors through fake charities – has benefited from the removal of the requirement that charities register with the Secretary of State’s office. That requirement forced transparency on both charitable organizations and the Dark Money groups structured as charities. 

“Only in the twisted world of Dark Money does it makes sense that a ‘non-partisan seniors advocacy group’ would want to privatize Social Security and make it easier for fraud to be committed against seniors,” Goddard writes. “Dark money is a fraud on Arizona voters and we must work together to stop it.”



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