“Fairness" Ad

We’re going on television today with our first ad of the general election. I wanted you to have an early heads up.

The ad is called “Fairness". It tells the story of Melanie Puskar-Blakely and Tonya Blakely and their Valley family who would have suffered discriminatory action had SB 1062, the right to discriminate bill, supported by state Sen. Michele Reagan become law.

This ad tries to capture the idea that basic fairness is a critical qualification for the Secretary of State. The person trusted with administering our elections must be scrupulously fair.

State Senator Reagan demonstrated with her vote to allow discrimination that she does not believe our laws must treat everyone equally. She is the only statewide candidate of either party who supported SB1062. With that record, how can Melanie and Tanya and the rest of Arizona expect her to be fair as Secretary of State?

I hope you’ll help me spread this important message by sharing the ad with your social media network.

This election is critical to the future of our state. SB1062 almost made us a target of national ridicule (again) and almost cost us the Super Bowl. What kind of message would Arizona be sending to the rest of the country if we elected someone to the second highest office in the state and the chief elections officer who voted for legalized discrimination?

So please help me spread the important message of this ad.

Thank you, 

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  • Terence Hughes
    You already have my vote and financial support but here’s an extra $150 to get this ad on the air. Thanks for your courage and leadership on this important issue