Gallardo: Reagan “wanted to vote for” SB1062

Gallardo: Reagan “wanted to vote for” SB1062
State Sen. Gallardo disputes claim that legislature didn’t have “full picture” of bill

PHOENIX -- In a web video released today by the Goddard campaign, state Sen. Steve Gallardo directly challenges state Sen. Michele Reagan’s claim that the legislature did not fully understand SB1062’s impact when she voted in favor of the right to discriminate bill.

“I sat right next to Michele Reagan on the floor of the Arizona state Senate,” says Gallardo. “We asked her to vote against it, she decided not to. She said that she wanted to vote for it.”

In an Arizona Republic story earlier this week, Reagan campaign spokesman Kyle Moyer insisted that the state Senators who voted in favor of SB1062 did not fully understand the bill’s impacts. Reagan, too, has made that claim, even though it has been debunked by an Arizona Republic Fact Check.

“Senator Michele Reagan continues to support these bills that separate and divide our state. We don’t need that from a Secretary of State,” Gallardo says. “We need someone who can bring everyone together, someone who can be trusted as our Secretary of State. That’s why I support Terry Goddard.”


NEWS RELEASE October 3, 2014

CONTACT: Adam Kinsey, Campaign Manager,, (520) 834-6384

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