Goddard vows to fight new version of SB1062

Says all voters should be treated fairly

PHOENIX – Responding to reports that some legislators are looking to introduce a new version of the infamous right to discriminate bill, Terry Goddard today pledged to fight any attempt to deny Arizonans equal treatment under the law.

According to a report in the Arizona Republic, some legislators who supported SB1062 are now encouraging individual county clerks to refuse to issue marriage licenses to LGBT couples. Those same legislators are considering introducing “legislation similar to SB1062” in January.

“Although my opponent, state Senator Michele Reagan, voted for SB1062,” said Goddard, “as well as a previous ballot measure banning same-sex marriages in Arizona, I ask her to stand with me now in opposing any attempt to revive SB 1062.”

“Every Arizonan has the right to be treated fairly, and as Secretary of State I will stand firm in enforcing that principle. SB1062 was a hateful piece of legislation that disgraced our state and should never again see the light of day.”



CONTACT: Adam Kinsey, Campaign Manager, Adam@TerryGoddard.com, (520) 834-6384

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