Legislature created opening for Dark Money

State Sen. Reagan voted to end registration of charities

PHOENIX – With anonymous corporate cash already flowing into Arizona, the legislature voted last year to strip the Secretary of State’s authority to make charities register – removing one of the only tools the Secretary of State had to shed light on Dark Money.

Despite opposition from the Arizona Nonprofit Alliance and numerous legitimate charity organizations, state Senator Michele Reagan voted to remove these powers from the office she now seeks.

In an op-ed in the Green Valley News on Sunday, Terry Goddard outlined why this vote has been so detrimental to Arizona.

“The unfortunate decision to abolish charity registration is one reason why Arizona has become the Cayman Islands for Dark Money,” Goddard wrote. “Charity registration was one of the few abilities we had in Arizona to track down the source of the anonymous corporate cash flooding into our state to influence elections.”

“Arizona isn’t just tolerating Dark Money groups that operate in our state; it’s empowering them,” Goddard wrote.

Goddard has laid out an extensive plan for how he’ll rid Arizona of Dark Money. Restoring requirements that charities register with the Secretaries of State is part of Goddard's plan.

State Senator Reagan recently said she doesn’t believe the Secretary of State can combat Dark Money. Maybe that’s because she voted last year to weaken the office's ability to do just that.


October 20, 2014

Adam Kinsey, Campaign Manager at Adam@TerryGoddard.com or (520) 834-6384

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