Possibility of Arizona Governorship Shapes Secretary of State's Race | Arizona Public Media

Story by Zachary Ziegler
OCTOBER 15, 2014

Four of Arizona’s last nine secretaries of state ascended to the governor’s office upon vacancies. This is a fact that has shaped the race for secretary of state this year.

Terry Goddard Secretary of State

Two federal appointments, an impeachment, and criminal convictions have led to Arizona's governorship being vacated leaving the secretary of state to step up.

Neither of this year’s candidates for secretary of state expect to become governor this way, but both understand how it’s a campaign issue.

“If I were to calculate the odds of another secretary of state becoming governor, I’d say they’re very remote," said Terry Goddard, the Democrat in the race and former Arizona attorney general.
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Goddard says voter initiative needed to deal with 'dark money' | Sunday Square Off

Terry Goddard, the Democratic candidate for secretary of state, says only a ballot initiative could require 'dark money' groups to disclose their donors.

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Secretary of State candidates decry dark money | Arizona Daily Star

October 13, 2014 3:00 pm  •  Capitol Media Services

PHOENIX — Both Republican Michele Reagan and Democrat Terry Goddard say they believe something needs to be done about “dark money” influencing elections in Arizona.

But the two candidates for secretary of state differ in their approach. And they don’t even agree on what the state can legally do.

The issue has taken center stage as outside groups are pouring millions of dollars into TV commercials and mailers in an effort to influence the race. And with a few exceptions, they are not disclosing the original source of the money because many are organized under the federal Internal Revenue Code under section 501(c)(4).

That designation is reserved for social welfare organizations, which also are allowed to lobby and influence elections. And they need not disclose names of members or donors.

But Goddard, a former attorney general, said he believes Arizona has a right to demand more from them, despite that federal loophole.

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Goddard on making elections easier for independents | Sunday Square Off

Terry Goddard, the Democratic candidate for secretary of state, says he would work to bring independent voters and candidates into the election mainstream. He also responds to questions about his command of costs in the secretary of state's office.

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Goddard Weekly Campaign Update for Oct 10th

In the news

Today Terry received another important endorsement for his race, this one from the Arizona Daily Star

"Goddard is a hard-nosed prosecutor with administrative experience in leading a big state agency. As mayor of Arizona’s largest city, he has the leadership experience to become governor on a moment’s notice, if necessary. That background makes him the clear choice over Reagan."

The Star joins the Tucson Weekly and the Arizona Republic in their endorsements. Just this week Terry was honored to receive the endorsements of the Navajo Nation and the White Mountain Apache Tribe.

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Religious discrimination theme emerges in secretary of state debate | Your West Valley

Posted: Wednesday, October 8, 2014 5:30 am

By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

PHOENIX -- The debate Tuesday night for who should be the state's chief election officer turned into a televised spat over religious discrimination.

Republican Michele Reagan found herself on the defensive for voting earlier this year for SB 1062. The measure would have allowed owners of businesses to cite their sincerely held religious beliefs as justification for refusing to provide service to some. It was eventually vetoed by Gov. Jan Brewer as unnecessary -- and after some lawmakers of both parties who had voted for it had second thoughts. That includes Reagan.

"Bad vote,'' she conceded during a debate Tuesday night at KAET-TV. Reagan said in her 12 years in the Legislature, she probably cast 10,000 votes.

"So I would say it's probably a little inappropriate, and I would say a little unfair to go through and to cherry pick,'' she said.

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Reagan, Goddard split on SB 1062's influence | The Arizona Republic

Mary Jo Pitzl, The Republic | azcentral.com 6:15 p.m. MST October 8, 2014

(Photo: The Arizona Republic)


  • Arizona's SB1062 dominates debate between secretary of state candidates
  • Terry Goddard, Michele Reagan face off in second televised debate
  • Reagan says SB1062 has nothing to do with office, Goddard says it's an issue of civil rights

The candidates for the state's top elections office spent the better part of a televised debate Tuesday arguing over a right-to-refuse-service bill.

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Arizona Horizon Vote 2014: Secretary of State Debate

Host: Ted Simons

Vote 2014: Secretary of State Debate

  • The Arizona Secretary of State deals with elections issues and is first in the line of succession to become governor, which has happened several times in our state. Democrat Terry Goddard and Republican Michele Reagan debate the issues as they vie to become the next secretary of state.
  • Terry Goddard - Democratic Candidate, Arizona Secretary of State
  • Michele Reagan - Republican Candidate, Arizona Secretary of State
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Press Releases: Nicole Stanton: Ariz. women can count on Goddard

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Goddard Weekly Campaign Update for Oct 3rd

Arizona Republic Endorses Terry Goddard for Secretary of State!

The Republic wrote that Terry “has extensive leadership experience”, “far better prepared” and “known for integrity, doggedness.”

Click here to read the full endorsement.

The campaign started running its first ad of the general election earlier this week. It highlights Terry’s record of treating everyone fairly, something State Senator Reagan did not do with  her vote for SB1062, the right to discriminate bill.

In an Arizona Republic story earlier this week, Reagan campaign manager Kyle Moyer insisted that those who voted in favor of SB1062 did not fully understand the bill’s impacts. Reagan, too, has made this claim, conclusively disproved by an Arizona Republic Fact Check.

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