Press Releases: Nicole Stanton: Ariz. women can count on Goddard

PHOENIX – In a new television ad that will begin airing today, Phoenix First Lady Nicole Stanton endorses Terry Goddard for Secretary of State because of his strong support for women’s rights.

“With Terry, Arizona will have a champion who will support women’s rights and demand equal opportunity for everyone,” Stanton says.

Stanton is the latest leader to back Goddard.  The National Organization for Women, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona and NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona have all endorsed Goddard. 

In the state legislature, State Sen. Michele Reagan frequently voted to make women’s health care less accessible, including allowing employers to deny coverage for contraception coverage for women and blocking funding for comprehensive women’s health care.

“Arizona has a long way to go and there is much more we can do to protect women’s rights – in the workplace, when it comes to health care and beyond,” said Goddard. “That includes making sure that a woman’s employer never interferes with the most private and medical decisions women face.”

The ad will run in the Phoenix market starting today and will be complimented by a digital buy in Phoenix.


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