Reactions to the Implementation of a Two-Track Voting System in This Years Elections

The two-track voting system is an expensive and probably illegally implemented system concocted by Tom Horne and Ken Bennett trying to save their political careers. It will create significant disruption in this years' elections with two classes of voters and two lines for each party. Only the Legislature can amend the election laws. But, rather than propose legislation, Horne/Bennett have usurped the Legislative authority and imposed an entirely new voting process.

When the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision upended Arizona's campaign finance laws, the Legislature amended those laws; not Horne/Bennett. To try to impose the two-track procedure through the new election manual just invites a legal challenge. Why do this the wrong way when they have had plenty of time to do it right?

Voter fraud is a crime under existing law. Any illegal credible evidence of voter fraud must be investigated and prosecuted. If there is evidence that those who register with the federal form commit voter fraud, we could set up a random test, the way the IRS does to find tax evaders, but don't disrupt everybody's election. The Legislature could modify Prop 200, as it has previously, to recognize the use of federal data bases to confirm that a federal form registrant is a citizen. The recorders are already using a similar procedure by comparing the federal form signers with the Arizona MVD records.

Devising the complex and expensive two-track system to deal with a few hundred voters makes Horne and Bennett look "tough" at our expense. These kinds of political stunts have to stop. Fair election laws must be non-partisan, clear and straightforward in their implementation. The two- track is none of the above.

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  • jon jensen
    Terry should tell voters that he will protect their right to vote and he will try to prevent the arizona state legislature from taking away arizona citizens right to vote! It simple ;but effective.