Rep. McCune Davis recalls payday lender fight: “Terry fought” while Reagan was “swayed by lobbyists’ arguments”

The Goddard campaign today released a new web video in which Rep. Debbie McCune Davis tells the story of then-Attorney General Terry Goddard fighting to keep payday lenders out of Arizona.

In contrast to Goddard fighting for Arizonans, McCune Davis says, Sen. Michele Reagan was one of the members “swayed by the lobbyists' arguments that this was a necessary service to the community.”

At the time, Reagan defended her vote for payday lenders by saying, “They’re providing a service that people seem to enjoy.” Reagan also stated that payday lending “doesn’t seem like a rip-off to me.”

Responding to Reagan’s comment, McCune Davis says in the video: “She did not hear that from someone who was trapped in debt from doing business with someone in this industry.”

The Arizona Republic recently fact-checked the Goddard campaign’s assertion that Reagan stood with payday lenders at the expense of working Arizonans. The campaign’s statement received four stars, a perfect rating.

“As attorney general, Goddard fought against payday loans and prosecuted lenders who continued providing them after they became illegal,” the Republic reported. “Reagan voiced support for the loans at least twice before they expired.”


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