Stop Dark Money!


Millions of dollars in so-called “Dark Money” are contaminating Arizona elections and endangering our democracy.  These dark dollars are flooding into our state as anonymous cash, targeting political candidates and issues to influence and buy our votes.  The size and scope of this torrent of dollars threatens voter confidence and the foundations of our democracy.

Dark Money does its work in the shadows by amassing unlimited contributions from corporations and individuals who want to influence elections without leaving their fingerprints.  The system allows dark money agents to say and do just about anything while their cowardly contributors stay hidden from public scrutiny.  Unlike political candidates who must answer to voters, anonymous funders have no responsibility for their words or their deeds.  Because no one is accountable, the truth has become disposable.  

I have started an online petition so we can stand up together against dark money.  Please join me in driving dark money from our state.  

I have spent most of the past year traveling throughout Arizona, warning about the danger of Dark Money.  Wherever I go, from Page to Yuma, Flagstaff to Bisbee, in Phoenix and Tucson, citizens are way ahead of me.  They know this is a serious problem and they fear that, if this flow of anonymous cash continues unchecked, it will alter our political and civic landscape irrevocably.  

I’m running for Secretary of State to force Dark Money into the light.  I believe that individuals and corporations must be made accountable for the money they spend on elections – every single cent.  Every donation to a political candidate, and all money spent to influence any election must be 100% transparent.  I know that voters are smart. Once they see who is writing these checks, they’ll make their own decisions about what candidates and issues they want to support.  

As Arizona's Attorney General, I successfully fought and jailed the operators who laundered money for the cartels.  Dark money is another form of money laundering.   My law enforcement experience is the kind of on the job training the next Secretary of State must have.   

As Secretary of State, I will hold corporations accountable for money they spend on elections and insist that political expenditures be transparent.  If you agree with me, please sign the online petition to Stop Dark Money

 It’s time to take back our democracy. Together, we can give Arizonans back their vote and their voice.  Thank you, 




Petition to Stop Dark Money

We, proud citizens of Arizona, stand together with Terry Goddard to stop dark money.  We call for an end to the flood of anonymous political contributions that is polluting Arizona elections.  We demand transparency for all political funds by enactment of the following reforms:

Identification of the original donor of all funds that benefit or harm a political candidate; 

Disclosure of all political candidate contributions or expenditures that benefit or harm a candidate to be made on the day the contribution is received or  an expenditure is transacted;

Publication on the internet all political contributions or expenditures, as soon as possible after disclosure; and 

Significant penalties for failure to comply.  

Sign the Petition

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  • Paul Anderson
  • James Smith
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  • Alexia Salgado
    The slush is really something to be investigated or should be public because so much money to campaigns is coming from somewhere … where? Open English é bom
  • Glyndon Morris
    I agree that all campaign contributions should be made public. How exactly does the Secretary of State get this done? Isn’t Arizona’s campaign law under the purview of the Arizona State Legislature? If you want to change this, shouldn’t you be running for state representative or state senate? Unless the Secretary of State has a really big file of secrets that the state legislators don’t want revealed, the Secretary of State is not going to have much affect.