Our votes are not for sale! I’m fed up with DARK MONEY. As your Secretary of State, I’ll fight to hold corporations accountable for ALL the money they spend on elections. I’ll fight to make all donations transparent and post them immediately online. Please sign my petition today and join your fellow Arizonans pledged to STOP DARK MONEY.


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We, proud citizens of Arizona, stand together with Terry Goddard to stop dark money.  We call for an end to the flood of anonymous political contributions that is polluting Arizona elections.  We demand transparency for all political funds by enactment of the following reforms:

  • Identification of the original donor of all funds that benefit or harm a political candidate; 
  • Disclosure of all political candidate contributions or expenditures that benefit or harm a candidate to be made on the day the contribution is received or  an expenditure is transacted;
  • Publication on the internet  all political contributions or expenditures, as soon as possible after disclosure; and 
  • Significant penalties for failure to comply.

Read the Plan to Get Dark Money out of Arizona


Goddard’s plan includes:

  • Adding disclaimers to Dark Money advertisements making it clear the group is choosing to not disclose its donors
  • Requiring any group that mentions a candidate’s name in advertising within 60 days of an election to register as a political organization
  • Expanding the definition of “doing business” in Arizona to include out of state groups trying to influence Arizona elections, and forcing those groups to register with the Secretary of State
  • Establishing an audit protocol that would automatically audit a random sample of Dark Money groups
  • Goddard released a five-page plan, as well as an online presentation detailing his plan.

PDF_downlaod.pngRead the plan to 'Stop Dark Money.'

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Is your vote for sale?

One of the biggest threats facing voters in this election is the influence of 'dark money'. These donations where the actual donor remains hidden are already coming into the Republican Secretary of State race. I was recently asked by the Arizona Republic about what the Secretary of State can do to control 'dark money'. Bottom line: we must stop this deplorable practice. Arizona voters have the right to know who is trying to buy our votes. Below is my Republic answer.

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