Our votes are not for sale! I’m fed up with DARK MONEY. As an Arizonan, I’ll fight to hold corporations accountable for ALL the money they spend on elections. I’ll fight to make all donations transparent. Please sign my petition today and join your fellow Arizonans pledging to STOP DARK MONEY NOW.


Add your name to STOP DARK MONEY.

We, proud citizens of Arizona, stand together with Terry Goddard and VPA Arizona to stop dark money now.  We call for an end to the flood of anonymous political contributions that is polluting Arizona elections.  We demand transparency for all political funds by enactment of the following reforms:

  • Disclosure required for any political expenditures that benefit or harm a candidate or a ballot proposition.

  • Daily reporting of all expenditures or contributions. 

  • Identification of the original donor of all political expenditures, usually that is not the corporation that wrote the last check.

  • Significant penalties for failure to disclose, including barring from office a candidate who benefits 

    from funds when the source is not properly disclosed.

  • Citizen enforcement if state officials do not act on a complaint.