Legislators Back Goddard’s Plan to Stop Dark Money

Goddard plan will kick Dark Money out of Arizona

PHOENIX – Terry Goddard today announced the support of a coalition of Arizona legislators who will work to turn Goddard’s plan to stop Dark Money into law.

Goddard announced the support of Sen. Katie Hobbs, Sen. David Bradley, Sen. Steve Farley, Rep. Bruce Wheeler, Rep. Debbie McCune Davis, Rep. Eric Meyer, Rep. Lela Alston, Rep. Mark Cardenas, Rep. Andrew Sherwood, Rep. Stefanie Mach, Rep. Victoria Steele and Presumptive Reps. Ken Clark and Reginald Bolding today at a press conference at the Goddard campaign headquarters.

“Terry’s bill to stop Dark Money is the best strategy I’ve seen to stop the anonymous corporate cash hijacking our elections,” said Sen. Hobbs. “We need Terry as Secretary of State so we have someone committed bringing transparency to all political contributions.”

Goddard’s proposed legislation can be viewed here. It is based on his plan to stop Dark Money, which Goddard announced earlier in his campaign.

“The relentless barrage of Dark Money expenditures in Arizona, often attacking people I know personally to be good and long time Arizona public servants, has me wondering,” said McCune Davis. “These groups have no connection to Arizona and why are they trying to purchase control of our government? What is it they want, except to use Arizona as a playground to test their failed economic theories at our expense?”

Goddard has been barnstorming the state to drum up support for his plan, which he has campaigned on almost exclusively since announcing his campaign for Secretary of State.

“Dark Money is designed to distort elections and deceived our voters,” said Goddard. “It is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on our system of government.”

“Arizona has become the Cayman Islands of Dark Money out of negligence, and even complicity, of our legislature and Secretary of State,” Goddard added. “Arizona rewards hard, honest work and independent thought. Dark Money skews the game for anonymous, out of state corporations willing to twist our politics to help their bottom line. It’s wrong and I am all in to stop Dark Money.”



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