Terry Goddard responds to Dark Money attack

The focus of my campaign for Secretary of State has been stopping Dark Money. I am running to stop the anonymous corporate cash flooding into Arizona, one of the biggest threats to our democracy. But, if you attack dark money the way I have, it is not surprising when dark money strikes back.

I am absolutely committed to fighting back against the anonymous corporate cash flooding into Arizona – and I’m happy to take on these corrosive groups. They know that if I am elected Secretary of State, I am committed to ending the pollution in our state elections caused by 60 plus and the other Dark Money groups, many of them run by Sean Noble, the Prince of Dark Money in Arizona. Their irresponsible and false attacks that smear candidates and mislead voters must be ended.

These anonymous corporate interests are attacking me because their chosen candidate is in big trouble. State Senator Michele Reagan has said there is virtually nothing she can do about Dark Money as Secretary of State. I can and will. My comprehensive plan to stop Dark Money can be found at terrygoddard.com.

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CONTACT: Adam Kinsey, Campaign Manager, Adam@TerryGoddard.com, (520) 834-6384.

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