Is your vote for sale?

One of the biggest threats facing voters in this election is the influence of 'dark money'. These donations where the actual donor remains hidden are already coming into the Republican Secretary of State race. I was recently asked by the Arizona Republic about what the Secretary of State can do to control 'dark money'. Bottom line: we must stop this deplorable practice. Arizona voters have the right to know who is trying to buy our votes. Below is my Republic answer.

We must stop dark money. Period. Arizona voters have the right to know who is trying to buy our votes. As a Clean Elections candidate, I only take contributions when donors are clearly identified, but the sad fact is Arizona has become a major center for anonymous political funds. Millions of dark money dollars are flooding into our state and polluting elections here and across the country.

As Secretary of State, I will fight to stop this deplorable practice:

First, I will use my experience as Attorney General to uncover the names of the original contributors by every means available and will publicize any groups that conceal the actual source of their funds.

Second, I will push the Legislature for an effective anti-dark money law.

Finally, if the Legislature keeps refusing to ban dark money, I will draft an initiative that does the job and lead the campaign to win Arizona voters’ approval.

If you agree with me, please forward this message. Thank you for your support.


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